Dark Horse Art Bar hosts Repurposed Dreams on May 6, 2022

Dark Horse Art Bar is a bar-gallery in downtown Madison, WI. The show opened May 6, 2022 as part of “Gallery Night”, promoted by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, when dozens of area venues host public exhibitions.

The exhibit “Repurposed Dreams” is a series of 3D relief pieces using a base of figurative fiberglass body casts with appendages and surface decoration in styles consistent with Norse and Celtic civilizations of Murphy’s European background.
These figures highlight geometric and stylistic motifs from historical texts, runes, and tattoos, married with modern technological industrial design such as circuit diagrams. Many of the obsolete mechanisms incorporated echo the designs of these past civilizations. These are primarily wall mounted with several free-standing works and some include internal low voltage lighting.

Also in the exhibit are portraits that incorporate electronic components imbedded in polyurethane form. Some are family members, and others in this series deal with individuals instrumental in the development of society changing technology often overlooked or forgotten to history. The overall theme is the persistence of organic design in history.

DarkHorse MainWall
Main Gallery Wall at Dark Horse Art Bar, Repurchased Dreams, C Murphy
DarkHorse Wall2
Main Gallery Wall at Dark Horse Art Bar, Repurposed Dreams, C Murphy
DarkHorse Wall3
Mosaics, with “Ant” above.

DarkHorse AntCloseup of Ant. 


Blacksmith DarkHorse web

Blacksmithing work on exhibit.

Show Postcard

Murphy Postcard Dark Horse 02web

Postcard for the show opening.