Girl on a Ledge

A life-size glow-in-the-dark girl reads a book on the rooftop ledge of a building. Made of fiberglass and lit from inside, The Girl was first installed on the roof of the Madison Children’s Museum and was funded by BLINK!, a program of the Madison Arts Commission. Subsequently she was entered in ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, […]


Deer head. Rendered in copper wire and electronics.


Large dragonfly Rendered in copper wire and electronic components such as resisters and capacitors.


Fish Made of wire and electrical components.

Portrait of John Bardeen

This mosaic is the second in a series entitled “Rendered Obsolete”. The mosaic is made from electronic parts which in modern electronics have been replaced by the transistor and other more modern devices, thus these parts have essentially been rendered obsolete by Bardeen’s own invention. The first in the series is a mosaic of J.R. […]


Monroe: Post-industrial ephemera

Yahara Reflections

Yahara Reflections is a public art exhibition highlighting the history of Madison’s Yahara River and Parkway. This figure is one of six pieces installed along the river. The glowing man is on the bridge at Jenifer Street, gazing at the river. The concept is a double entendre of the physical reflection of the image on […]