Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek at Night

Three figures were placed at the edge of Olin Park on John Nolen Drive in Madison, engaged in the childhood game of Hide and Seek. The piece suggests the drama of the game and of the setting, but also addresses the periphery of our visual experience. Will anyone notice the disturbance in the landscape? By […]



This piece consists of a large piece of black slate with knotted copper wire onto which water is slowly pumped such that the ends of the wire drip water droplets into the tank below. This was designed to be either wall mounted or free standing. It was entered in ArtPrize in 2012.



Swimmers featured five life-size, glow-in-the-dark body casts suspended from the ceiling of the HOPCAT micro-brewery in Grand Rapids for ArtPrize 2011. Mounted above these casts were small strobe units which independently triggered at timed intervals and illuminated the skin through stencils, leaving a glowing afterimage superimposed on the figure’s surface to gently fade away. Swimmers […]



My first love in sculpture was always kinetic machine works as well as monster models. This seemed a gimme. I acquired this Godzilla pitching machine at an auction in San Francisco in the early 90s. After many moves the sculpture was falling apart so I was inspired to rig it to toss Hop balls for […]

Portrait of Robert Schrieffer

Robert Schrieffer Portrait

John Robert Schrieffer won the Nobel Price in Physics in 1972 for his development of the theory of superconductivity. He shared the prize with John Bardeen and Leon Cooper. This piece is made from “analog” electronics devices such as capacitors, resistors, and diodes, which are being replaced in modern electronics by digital circuitboards. Hence this […]